Last Longer In Bed Naturally



Masturbate First

 Masturbate an hour or two before intercourse with your partner- This can help delay ejaculation during sex.

Reduce Stress

 For many men stress is a main contributor to premature ejaculation. Relax and remember that your partner probably cares about you more than the during of intercourse.

Turn Your Thoughts

 If you getting too excited, try to think about something different and unsexy.Thereby you will take a short break from arousal and then refocus your attention on your partner.

Positions Changes

 Some intercourse positions put less pressure on the glans.This van help you to delay premature ejaculation.

Try "passive" positions like a side-by-side position.

Avoid "active" positions. Missionary and rear-entry positions have the most stimulation on the glans, so avoiding these positions will also avoid your orgasm.

Wear Condom

Condoms desrease stimulation for most men, which should keep up the time before ejaculation.

Analgesic Cream Or Spray

Using this products will decrease sensibility of your glans, respectively your ejaculation will be extended.


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Boost Male Fertility Naturally





Conception problem is one of the most common problem among today's couples. But there are couple of tips that you can try to boost male fertility and increase sperm count naturally.

Increase Sperm Count

 Low sperm counts or poor sperm motility may be due to environmental toxins such as heavy metal,radiation,chemicals,drugs,cigarette smoking and excessive alcohol use.

Heat can also reduce sperm count. Hot baths, sitting for long periods of time and tight-fitting underwear can all elevate temperatures long enough to lowered sperm production.

Reduce Chemical Exposure

Avoid plastic containers, plastic bottles and wraps.

Avoid products like conventional milk and dairy products, chicken,pork and beef. All of those products contain high levels of hormones.

Avoid caffeine and alcohol.

Avoid fried, charcoal-broiled or barbecued forms of cooking.

Improve Diet

Define your ideal weight. Food deprivation in men leads to a loss of sex drive and structural changes to reproductive tissue leading to infertility.On the other hand,obesity,can result with a low sperm count and impotence.

Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise and a healthy diet can boost fertility by keeping body weight at normal levels and relieving stress and anxiety.Excessive amounts of exercise,on the other hand,can be a cause of infertility because it can lead to lowered sperm count in men.

Using Of Herbal Helper Is The Best Way To Boost Male Fertility

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How To Be Irresistible In Bed
Dear ladies,men having sex mostly because of us! If man can make the woman to reach orgasm - he feels proud and happy. Man has sex generally to rase his ego.
The woman do not want to take responsibilities, especially in sex! We want to relax and do not have to think-you should know what to do with our body. Otherwise, we become stressed and we are losing the mood for sex.
Make complimens to us. For example: "Your body is designed for sex. You excite me so much..


Take a shower us. Most women terribly worried about their body - from the aromat and the perspiration at the moment.Before sex, bathe us - it soothes and relaxed it us. Of course we can get a shower by ourself, but our real  desire is a man who will wash us, gently carrying the foam in our body, penetrating into all the hidden places.

We want man who will guide us.

Do not be afraid to use direct words - you dream about it, but often you do not dare to say it loud. In fact, men want to do this for the woman, but only if he really feels confident.

Bring her to the female ejaculation.
Help her to lose control - tie your hands and eyes with a scarf. The woman imagine to lose control in sex - delivere her to this pleasure.

Start doing sex with her-deeply penetrate in and out completely. The mistake that men often make is to put their penis in the vagina and stay there without making any move. The vagina is most sensitive around the hole, so it is necessary to enter and out to be able to stimulate exacly that part.
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Facts For The Womens And Penis Size That Probably You Never Heard





Now here are some facts for the womens desires and opinions that you can not even imagine,but they are tottaly real:

If you're a woman and you prefer a larger than average penises, you've ... exception.
Women prefers a larger penis more than men prefers big tits.
When you think your penis is small, usually you are right.
Shorter and thinner than average penises in fallen condition usually are shorter and thinner in an excited position.
The big penis more vaginal pleasure for women.
80% of women would like their partner to have a bigger penis!
80% of men have an average or rather a small penis!
Women find small penises frustrating.
Women find small penises misfortune.
Women find small penises boring.
Women discreetly look to your "package".


Women love to staring at the men with large penises.
Women find a big penis for something impressive.
Men with a big penis are more confident.
At least once in your life, every woman dreams of having sex with a male with a very large penis.
Women brag to other women if their partner has a large penis.
When women live with gifted man, she becomes more patient.
Women cheat more on their husbands if they have a small penis.
If during the first sexual intercourse with a man's wife does not mention anything about the size of his penis, then he has little penis.
 If a woman tells you that your penis is "sweet", it usually means that it is rather small.
If a woman tells you that your penis is huuuuugggeeeee, it usually means that you simply "great."
If your wife stripped and hug your penis, then it is too big.
Women never say that your penis is "average". They will tell you that you are "big" and the rest are small and only units "awfully big."
If a woman clutches her vagina with your penis, it's because he wants to feel "big".
Women need to strain with tight to experience pleasure with thinner than average penis.
Men with short penis must be "exercised" more to pleasure a woman.

Men with a long penis can to work less to pleasure a woman.
Men with a long penis and feel more pleasure in sex.
Men with longer and thicker penis deliver the greatest pleasure in sex.
Men with smaller penises masturbate more often. Excessive masturbation causes shrinkage of your penis and wear your sexual energy.
If a woman tells ears that size does not matter, most often it's because he lives with a man with a small penis.

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Increase Your Sex Life Quality












Trim your hair

Pubic hair is a cloak that conceals your pride and joy. Trim the hair around the base of your penis and not only will you explain more exposed to the shaft, you will make it more enjoyable for your good lady to you with oral pleasure.

Use Vibrations

It's a cock ring with a difference - a small vibrator is connected, you can position to stimulate her clitoris (so it's at the top of your penis if you do it missionary style, on the bottom, near your testicles, if from behind). This acts as a great distraction - the feeling is so intense that they would not notice if your penis was half as large.


Playing in the shallow water

Contains only the first inch of the vagina of a woman many nerve endings - most are housed in her labia and clitoris. The further in you go, the less localized sensation has them. "By focusing your efforts in the shallow part of her vaginal canal your stimulation to maximize her nerve endings.This is the area that gives women most fun.


Increase your penis volume

Often men increase penis size prefer to use different activities. It is incorrect to consider surgery - the quickest way to increase penis, but they forget that the surgery creates a number of complications and side effects. Moreover, surgery is expensive and very painful. The natural Prolargent Size pill you can enlarge penis without short-term and long-term side effects. It proposes to increase sexual desire and strength.


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 Sexual power is a key issue for most men. Therefore reduction or loss of erectile ability can not be brought to the agenda. However, studies have demonstrated that, in one out of every ten men has such a problem. And of course, this density has link with age. The ratio is very low at a young age, it is increasing in parallel with age.

To understand  impotence, it is worth reviewing with impotence mechanisms with the main line. Some of the chemical processes in the body are composed with the sexual stimulation. With the contribution of  the nerves going and coming to the penis, the blood from the arteries accumulates in the spongy form as a result of the closure of venous and causes the stimulation . Then the veins provide the accumulated discharge and hardening of the blood by loose ends. Many organic causes affecting this mechanism prevents the hardening of the penis.

Prolargentsize Penis Size

If impotence causes too much concerns, fear of failure will be added and will actually become a serious psychological problem and will transform into permanent problem as it was a temporary  situation a. Each junction will be remembered a previous, fear of recurrence, will prevent the hardening of the penis by blocking sexual pleasure. The events that occurred 20 years before enough known mechanisms of erectile dysfunction was often thought to be psychological in origin. Subsequent studies revealed that 70% of these organic problems. Thus, the organic and psychological problems in a large number of cases has been found to coexist.

Sexual living arrangements: Especially in cases where the psychological origin of the problem is the benefit of it. investigating sexual approach of the co-editor is useful to make recommendations in this regard. Sex therapy, also referred to as the present application, are applied in addition to other therapies.

ProlargentSize Sex Life





Semen Volume

Semen Volume

What Is Normal Semen Volume?
According to a 2010 World Health Organization, you study the somatic volumes over the world, the range of the seed volume is between 0.8 milliliters to 7.6 milliliters, and the average is between 3 and 5 milliliters. This amount changes as the man age and the maximum name volume produced is seen between 30-35 age and volume lowest as soon as men reach 55 years and older.

Semen Volume And Masculinity
Masculinity is in the brain rather than in the seed.

Why Do Men Want To Increase The Semen Volume?
Most of the men belong to the same volume with fertility, and it has been claimed that men who may have more descendants, especially the male side, may have a better opportunity if they had more seeds. Men believe that masculine, if they ejaculated more seeds and believe he would increase the lust of their and their partner.

ProlargentSize Natural Pill

Is it possible to increase the semen volume?
There is natural way to increase the semen volume by ProlargentSize pills!

Common Sexual Problems For Men

The most common sexual problems in men are; Erection Problems, Ejaculation Problems, Curvature And Pain in The Penis During Erection, Libido ( Sexual Desire ) Problems.

Erectile Dysfunction
The erectile dysfunction is an inability to initiate sufficient rigidity for sexual intercourse, and the inability to continue.


In recent years, new methods, diagnosis and treatments are begun to apply, and patients were more aware about this problem. Men can have erection problems throughout their lives, but persistent erectile dysfunction under the age of 40 is rare. This ratio has increased with age steadily, and there are erection problems in 65% of 70 years old men.

Some changes may occur related to aging, but these changes do not always lead to erectile dysfunction. Most men in old age need more penile stimulation for hardness (stimulation of the penis by touching ), and this erection hardness can be reduced beacuse of any distractions during sex and eventually it can cause the loss of hardness. The frequency of sexual intercourse can be decreased, but relations are satisfactory at the same rate. This is very important to feel good about the man himself.

ProlargentSize Natural Pill

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