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Having a good erection keeps sex life alive and also partners get satisfied each other more and more. No doubt a man’s sex life has such a big role keep her relationship or marriage life with his partner. But sometimes men can’t reach the strong erection due to some problems. Today we will talk about one of men’s most affraid situation.


There are several problems of erections(known as erectile dysfunction). These are related to a man’s life. Any negative thing and depressed mood can affect to your penis’ nerves,so this occurs erection problems. Plus here are some reasons that should not avoid.

 erection porblems

  • Food habit
  • Stress
  • Low stamina
  • Low testosterone
  • Poor sex life
  • Compilicated relationships
  • Huge cholestrol level


To treat erection problems, it is not so easy that you think. Because the treatment takes some time and needs to be patient. Howevere using a supplement- it is called Prolargentsize pills -for men can cure this problem in a short period.

Supplements for men can help to improve the flow of blood to your penis. These stimulate the production and release of nitrogen oxide which results the improvement of the blood flow.


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Recent studies have showed that most of men are unhappy with the amount and performance of their penis. Some of them said they could not maintain erectile strength for more than five minutes and were unhappy in their sex lives with their partners.

Do you sometimes have the feeling that your penis, while still participating in principle, but not as stiff as it used to be? Then try using these quick and easy exercises and a natural supplement to increase your sex power / erection hard again.

Exercises For Getting Hard Erection

  1. Achieve a better erection. To recover the energy in the male reproductive system, you only have to give a little massage in the testicles, to increase the production of testosterone which helps to revitalize the sexual energy and strengthen the erections.
  2. Comfort the penis. After the testicle massage. Take the penis and scrotum between your forefinger and thumb and pull it forward, while pushing your pelvis backwards. Pull to the left and then to the right and end down. Repeat 9 or 18 times.

Ginger mixture

Natural herbs play a major role in treating erectile dysfunction. One of the most prominent herbs is ginger, which contains a large proportion of natural compounds that stimulate blood circulation.

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With your use of hot ginger mix you can enjoy a wonderful sexual relationship and completely eliminate the problem of ED and premature ejaculation.

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Why Do Not You Have a Morning Erection?

When the male penis is aroused after sleep, it indicates a good function of the sex system. In some men, this physiological process takes a long time, which is evidence of the health problems. But there are men who have no morning erections at all. What to do in this case when nightly erections stay out?

What Is a Morning Erection?

In the course of the morning erection(morning wood), the male congenitator fills with the blood. This involuntary process is most frequent in the morning. Just at this time, the concentration of the hormones reaches the climax, and the brain does not control its needs.

Morning erections(morning wood) are actually observed in all men, except those who have problems with potency. The ignorance of the physiological peculiarities of the male body has caused many assertions which have no scientific explanation.

For example, some believe that if a man has an erection in the morning, he has erotic dreams. However, such statements are incorrect. These are simply conjectures. The involuntary erection occurs when the REM phase begins during sleep. In this phase, the activity of the cerebrum intensifies, and the man has a dream.

It is a frequent conversation theme for women. Some believe that if a man has no nightly erection, then he is impotent. The absence of this process in the morning testifies to the health problems, but impotence is not one of them.

In the course of sleep more than one erection can appear. On average, their number is 5. Every next erection takes 7-10 minutes longer. For example, the first may take around 12 minutes, the second - 19. When a man has the last erection, he wakes up.

In the puberty age, the excitement of the limb at night is many times longer than in the adult man. All in all, it is 3 hours. It would be wrong to argue that men have no morning erection in more mature years. They are present, but their duration is less than the age of 30-40 years.

morning erection

Why Do Not You Get a Morning Erection?

Previously, the presence of morning erection was considered a pathology. Therefore, men should do a metallic ripening on the penis before sleeping, in order to eliminate this condition. He was hooked to the pubic hair with the aid of folding tongues. With each upward movement, folding tongs pulled the hair and the man woke up, the penis lowered. Later a special apparatus was developed, which hit with current.

Science has developed and now it is known that the presence of night and morning erection is not a disease, but a characteristic of health. And the absence of this physiological process is evidence of problems.

If a man does not have an erection for some time, he does not need to get upset. Fear only aggravates the situation. You need to look at the situation without emotion and determine its cause. The main causes of the disappearance of this physical process are the following:

o hypertension;

o diabetes;

o hormonal dysbalance;

o heart failure;

o harmful habits (smoking);

o lack of exercise;

o insomnia;

o fatigue;

o depression;

o the use of antidepressants;

o the use of neurotics;

o the use of diuretics.

As the main factors of the lack of nighttime erection are the fatigue and severe stress. If a man works too much, his manners will gradually diminish later. This also affects nerve excitation. When a man experiences an intense sensation, mainly a negative one, this first and foremost affects the function of the sexual organs.

To prevent it, you need to sleep at least 8 hours a day, and to go to bed at 10 o'clock at the latest. As for emotions, it is a psychological problem. Constant nervous tensions do not bring any benefit, so you need to maintain your emotional background.Also erection pills like ProlargentSize will increase blood circulation into the penis.

The development of the diseases of the sex system is a separate list of the causes of the lack of the morning erection. This concerns only cases, if the erection in the morning already more than 1 month absent. This can be demonstrated by the following:

o erectile dysfunction;

o prostatitis;

For What Reason Do Men Have No Morning Erection?

  1. Every morning you need to do the exercises. The evening jogging is a good alternative.
  2. Nutrition should be balanced. The right ration should contain a maximum of 30 percent of the fats.
  3. You have to eat fresh fruit regardless of the season. In the summer you can eat fruit and vegetables to eat in winter.
  4. Alcoholic beverages affect not only the work of the sex organs, but also the whole immune system.
  5. If you smoke and do not want to leave this habit, you need at least to reduce the number of cigarettes per day. Tobacco is one of the main causes of a bad potency.

morning erections   

6. You must pay attention to its weight. But intense physical activity is just as dangerous as the overweight. You have        to keep the golden center.

  1. It is recommended to go to sleep without underwear. This leaves the testicle in the free position and not pressed. Increased temperatures affect the fertility function.Also Prolargentsize pills helps to increase volume of fertility
  2. Sometimes the lack of morning erection is caused by the self-critical behavior to itself. If you can not control your emotions yourself, you should visit a doctor and take certain medications.

Regular sexual relationships are considered the most important sign of excellent male health. They determine the condition of the sex organs and are responsible for the reproductive system.Also Prolargentsize sex libido pills charge you in sex and you feel more powerful.

Is There Treatment To Cure Erectile Dysfunction?

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Prolargentsize is the most common and safest treatment for erectile dysfunction(morning wood), but it is not the only treatment to treat these pills three times a day and can be taken before the sexual relationship. Prolargentsize helps maintain erection as long as possible with its herbal formulation. Prolargentsize is the right supplement for erectile dysfunction-morning erection treatment. If you have no morning wood, these pills will make you rocket again from . Special combination of Prolargentsize Ingredients has only one goal: it's up to you, the bigger, the harder and the better. These show effect within hours. No harm, no pain, no bullshit. We know much about sex, so we are creating this super sex booster product prolargentsize for you gentlemen.

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