What Is Sexual Dysfunction?

Sexual dysfunction is any physical or psychological question that is sexually satisfying to you or your partner.

 The Following Main Types of Male Sexual Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (erectile dysfunction / retention)

Premature ejaculation (orgasm comes up very quickly)

Emptying or snoozing (orgasm is too slow or not at all)

Low libido (reduced interest in sex)


What Is The Reasons For Sexual Dysfunction?

Physical causes of general sexual dysfunction may include:

Low testosterone levels

Stroke or nerve damage due to diabetes or surgery

Smoke,Kinds of Tobacco

Alcoholism and drug use

Psychological reasons may include:

Concern about sexual performance

Marriage or relationship problems

Depression, guilt feeling

Work-related stress and anxiety


How Does Sexual Dysfunction Affect Men?

The most common problems faced by men with sexual dysfunction are dyspnea, ejaculation and retention and decreased sexual desire.

 How Is Male Sexual Dysfunction Treated?

Most cases of sexual dysfunction can be prevented mental or physically .Treatments include:

Herbal Medicines – drugs like Prolargent Size that help to improve sexual function by increasing blood flow to the penis.

Psychological therapy - a psychological counselor who will help you with feelings of anxiety, depression, fear or guilt that may affect sexual function.The treatmant might longer as you think because you need to see the counselor in regular time and it would cost you a lot money.

What Is The Natural Solution For Erectile Dysfunction?

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Have you ever experienced  the both of erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation? The answer must be yes! Because a lot of men got this issue once a life. Do you want to make your sex life a thing of concern to something you have longed for with confidence? Do you want to know what you can do to challenge and provide this in bed with the partner?

Then, let's strengthen your penis for better sex, stronger erections, and awake the legendary lasting power

Things That You Avoid

Stay Away From Stress

Stressful life style hits you directly, This causes your penis hurt so badly.Elevated cortisol levels in your body will drop your sex drive like a rock, and it will be harder to find out  if you are with your partner.Remove the stressors that hold your control in your life.Add exercises to  your body and mind will thank you for it.

No More Porn

Proved studies have documented the fact that the use of extreme (even moderate) porn negatively affects the erectile strength and ability to awaken to the important others.

So if you want to large your penis, do not watch porn, you will see that your erectile power is constantly increasing over the next few weeks.

Things That You Are Supposed To Do

Kegel exercises are a great way to start to reconnect yourself with your sexual organs.Simple kegel exercises are a big first step. Try increasing the power levels for a few weeks and never tighten.

Use Your Imagination

Masturbate without porn to start reconnecting with your penis. Pornography is an external stimulus that separates you from the physical sensations you feel and the mind from being an observer. You are going to stop watching the porn and use your imagination (like porn first on your fingertips) to re-sensitize your body and your sexual arousal belt.

The more you warn your erections and empties with your partner, the more you know about how much of your physical awareness you have.

Have You Ever Heard of The “9-5 Technique”

This is the safest, the easiest and the most popular penis enlargement method.

Masturbate without porn. Create a scala for 1-10 numbers. Fall and rise the your sexual level within 5-9 numbers.

The number 5 level refers to get read to be penis finished; the hardest and longest position

The Number 9 level refers to penis turns a corner before coming out

Do these 20 minutes long be patient and no giving up.

What Is The Other Natural Way That Strengtens Penis Size Huge?

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We googled about the best sex positions that make female orgasm for you and got very important results to that you gentlemen really may pay attention .So you do not to keep weird and unreal sex positions in porn movies or magazines in your mind. Even remove these, throw away the trash. In this blog you are going to read popular ve prefered sex positions amoung females. And try to understand female’s needs during sex. It is more than a research, it is the way to make females much happier and pleased in bed.

Let’s start then


Why it works for female: It keeps her in control. She can take charge of the pace and feel depth of penetration, mixing it up between shallow and deep thrusts. The variety helps to stimulate the front third of her vagina, which is the most sensitive.

Doggy Style

Why does it work for a female? Reentry penetration allows the penis tip to touch the cervix closed at the nerve endings. Push slowly and slowly.


Why it works for her : you can look at each other in the eyes and bring the relationship between the skin and the skin to the highest level. He will also enjoy the rubbing of the pelvis in her clitoris.

Remember, the more you keep the penis in the control, female the more enjoys the above ideal sex positions. How would be possible? The answer is easy:

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Morning Wood And Erectile Dysfunction


Morning wood  refers to the early morning erections that are generally present among men. Blood is flowed to penis during  the night,so a healthy man open his eyes with the hardest and longest erection he has ever. A clear mind, comfortable sleep,dreams,daily workout,staying away from stress,being more active, eat healty foods, which means he is ready to have a great sex ,before starting the day. What if this does not occur?

If The Morning Wood Does Not Occur In A Man , What Does It Mean For Him?

The problem is, some of men cannot wake up with the morning erection. So what are the common reasons of getting up without morning wood:

The penis of a young boy may not be working full capable of erections also If you do not wake up after the stage of REM, your penis may not get hard.Men with erectile dysfunction or impotence may not be enough capable of having an erection. Additionally, they may have an erection that is not firm enough to get at diffusion. Erectile dysfunction is related with a physiological or psychological process, and being without morning wood may help to recognize between these causes.

Physiological causes of impotence is related to an underlying inability to. It may also be more common in testosterone level. Men who have a physiological cause of impotence, will not be able to have morning wood.In addition, some men are not able to get erect due to a psychological difficulty.  Being without of sexual excitement  may cause impotence. Therefore, men who suffer from periods of impotence who still have morning wood likely have a psychological cause for their erectile dysfunction. Those who are unable to achieve an erection at any time may have a physiological cause to their condition.

If You Do Not Wake Up With A Morning Wood, What Should You Do?

At this point, we are presenting Prolargent Size to you. Prolargent Size would give the best solution that you are looking for your morning wood issue and it would help you to have your morning wood back, get harded, and more energic as never before. It is totally safe and natural. Your partner will desire you more than you imagine.




Increase Penis Size With Natural Way

Try Using Ginseng

While there is no conclusive scientific evidence that ginseng leads to enlarge the penis, men who have taken tablets with ginseng extract in a study in South Korea had better sexual function after taking the tablets for several weeks.


 Try To Use Natural Solutions
Stop Smoking
The size of your penis, whether limp or erect, depends on how much blood it contains. The consumption of tobacco narrows the arteries, which in turn leads to the blood flow into the penis being reduced. When you smoke, you prevent your penis from being as big as it could be.

Exercise Regularly Sports
When you move your body, you crank your circulation and force the arteries that transport blood into your penis. If you do not do any sports, it can be that your penis does not recognize its full potential. Try to exercise for an hour or a day, be it swimming, walking, running or cycling. Any type of exercise helps to increase the blood flow into your penis.

Exercise Your Pelvic Floor
You might not frame the penis yourself by exercising but if you make your pelvic floor strenght, your body can keep the blood in your penis better. The pelvic floor presses on the vein, which prevents the blood from escaping from the penis during an erection. You can strengthen your pelvic floor with basin body training.

Lose Belly Fat
Your penis could look smaller than it is seriously partly covered by overhanging skin. Losing belly fat is not an easy task, but it can make a big difference when it comes to the perceived size of your penis. Take steps to lose weight and you will probably see improvement elsewhere.


In addition, you can easily increase the size of your penis with ProlargentSize Natural Capsules containing ginseng !!