4 Facts All Men Should Know About Sexual Problems and Dysfunction

Male sexual dysfunction can include a wide variety of problems, ranging from low libido, erectile dysfunction (ED), premature ejaculation, and other issues: https://bit.ly/2L1T6rm

While many men know that these issues are common, they can be difficult to talk about. In fact, many men wait several months, or even years, before raising the issue with their primary care physician.

Thankfully, both normal and abnormal male sexual function is now better understood medically than ever before. Often, men will first see a urologist and then are referred to me for a more detailed evaluation and discussion of their overall health.

*male sexual, physical, and mental health*

Sexual problems may signal a cardiovascular or other medical issues

Any man that experiences a change in libido, erection, or ejaculation should bring this up to their primary care physician. Any issue that lasts for several months may indicate a more serious medical issue that should be addressed:

  • Early ejaculation can develop because of medication, nerve damage, or other direct urinary conditions,
  • A change in libido or erection may be the first sign of diabetes,
  • Problems with libido or erection may be related to a hormonal imbalance,
  • Problems with erection may be a sign of a cardiovascular issue or prostate cancer,


There is a strong link between sexual function and mental health

Mental health issues — including depression, anxiety, and other psychiatric illnesses — can lead to many different types of sexual disorders. It’s very important to diagnose the psychiatric illness first to improve sexual function.

Sexual function is often improved by addressing, managing, and alleviating anxiety and depression.

With age, some changes in sexual function are normal

Some changes in sexual drive, performance, and function are normal parts of aging. They may need more time for foreplay or direct stimulation. If this isn’t enough to improve normal age-related changes in sexual function, sex therapy can be very beneficial.”

Improving overall health can improve sexual performance

The “biopsychosocial model” for overall and sexual health. “There is so much interconnectivity when it comes to our health,” she explained. “It’s important to take a holistic view.”

Indeed, cardiovascular, neurological, hormonal, and psychological systems all interact together for sexual performance. A healthy lifestyle can significantly help improve sexual function — improving diet, achieving and maintaining a healthy weight, and exercising regularly all help promote greater overall health and, therefore, greater sexual health.

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Hot Missionary Sex, Man On Top Women Orgasm - Men's Health

On the whole… am I doing this minister position thing right?

Keep in mind: Missionary is everybody's go-to position which is as it should be. It's your really direct person to finish everything, bunches of eye to eye connection move.

Step by step instructions to Have your accomplice lie on their back while you lie look down over them. Have a go at moving the point of your accomplice's legs for various sensations.





Alright, so how might I take things up a score?

Begin with some foreplay.

This one may appear glaringly evident, yet there's an inclination to skip it for the headliner. In any case, Sendler says foreplay that investigates the vagina can enable your accomplice to warm up, so attempt a little infiltration with your (or her) fingers.

Utilize oral sex as transitional foreplay.

Swinging to oral sex as a pre-teacher warmup "dependably flavors up a sexual coexistence," He says. He suggests going down on your accomplice, at that point rapidly hopping into teacher style sex.

Consolidate the bosoms and areolas.

The bosoms and areolas are two of her greatest erogenous zones. Bother, rub, apply weight—truly anything that makes your accomplice feel better.

Modify the beat.

Sex doesn't need to be a race (except if you're searching for a fast in and out). So switch your speed among quick and moderate and switch up the profundity from shallow to profound to take into consideration different sorts of incitement, says Kerner. You can likewise move your hips in a roundabout movement rather than an all overbearing.


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  1. When you begin feeling a trace of agony in your pole, quit extending and hold the position


  1. Discharge your stretch following 15 seconds and shake off your masculinity to loosen up it


  1. Rehash the above stages a few more occasions every day


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The Powerful Natural Herbal Options That Act As Viagra

There are natural alternatives that work like Viagra. According to the Men's Health Center of Minnesota, in the US, 1 in 10 men in the world suffer from erection problems. Fortunately, to improve the sexual performance of men, we will take look into viagra alternatives.

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Red as passion, watermelon would have effects similar to those of Viagra: "This fruit is rich in a substance called citrulline, which relaxes and dilates blood vessels, improving blood flow to the penis and giving more strength to erections" , explain Doctors.

Garlic:Increases Blood flow Into Your Penis

Alright, a garlic may give you bad breath, but it will also give you a lot of power. According to researches garlic contains allicin, which helps the penis get more blood. "Eating 4 cloves of garlic a day will give you the power you need, however, to make it work you must eat raw,"


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Talk To Your Partner

couples talk love in bed

Erection problems can produce negative emotions and stress within the sexual relationship, which in turn would aggravate the dysfunction. It is important that the couple talk about this problem, and consider marriage counseling to avoid complications and get ahead.

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Supplements For Healthy Sperm Production

How Do Supplemets Help You To Get Healthy Sperm Production

Many couples try to increase their chances of getting pregnant by regularly having sex, taking vitamins and supplements, and changing their habits to increase sperm production. One point that is important for such couples is to learn how to increase the number of sperm. There are a few ways to do that, but the best solutions include a healthy diet, exercise, and discarding bad habits. Also taking a supplement for sperm production will help you to product healty sperm volume and quality. Keep reading to see how you can increase your sperm count and make your partner get pregnant.

sperm production


1-Brich with bad habits.

Avoid alcohol, stop smoking and do not use illegal drugs. All of these habits can impact on sperm count and inability to fertilize eggs. If these habits can not be interrupted, reduce their intake regularity.

2-Eliminate processed foods from your diet.

It is important to feed you with plenty of protein, vegetables and whole grains. Strive for a low-fat diet. Keeping your diet healthy will increase the number of sperm because your body is healthier and your metabolism is working properly. If possible, then eat organic foods.


3-Drive sports regularly.

Allowing you to exercise for at least 30 minutes a day can reduce stress hormones in the body that can damage the sperm. Low load sport is best, e.g. Tai Chi, yoga or meditation. However, it is important not to overdo it and not over stressing your body or participating in activities that could harm your testicles.

supplements for fertility

4-Closets intercourse on every 3 days.

By allowing a period of time between sexual encounters, you give your body the chance to build sperm. Daily sex can reduce the number of sperm. Couples may also want to plan this around the woman's fertile days.

5-Sex in the morning.

Studies have repeatedly shown that the number of sperm in a man is usually higher in the morning and early afternoon. At the end of the day, the number of sperm may be reduced due to stress, fatigue and a number of other factors.

6-Keep cooler.

Alright pay attention to here:If you spend a lot of time in the sauna or hot tub, it can cause excessive heat to reach the testicles, causing them to produce less sperm. In addition, tight underwear, shorts or jeans should be avoided. Replace them with boxer shorts or loose jockey shorts so your testicles can breathe and stay cooler.

7-Take vitamins and other supplements to ensure your health.

 It has been proven that vitamin C and vitamin E promote the health of sperm.




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Prolargentsize Hacks To Increase Testosterone Level

Natural Hacks To Increase Your Testosterone Level At Home

Testosterone plays such an important role as hormone produced mainly by man the testicles and has the ultimate effect of manhood. Testosterone is definied a main role in the sexuality of man and impacts similiar factors such as sexual desire, reproductive sperm, erected penis ,muscle mass and many others.But after 30 years of a man the levels of testosterone starts to decrease. The good thing is testosterone can be increased easily following the best testosterone hacks and boost your manhood again!


If you are overweight, this will get lower your testosterone (click here which is the best testosterone supplement).  The key is losing weight the more you lose weight the more your testosterone level will be boosted. So start losing weight, the levels of testosterone in your body will begin to improve.

Start With Hard Training

hacks testosterone

If you do not exercises you should urgently start training immediately. It is important to exercise properly if you care about testosterone levels and your health. Proper training is a massive cornerstone to massively increase testosterone levels.

It is important that you train in the direction of building muscle, which training program is now exactly in question for you, you have to find out for yourself. We recommend you take testosterone booster called Prolargentsize which is one of the best and proven testosterone supplement on the market. But too long training sessions are rather counterproductive and can therefore have a negative effect on your testosterone level

Lack of sleep and stress are immensely harmful

Do you sleep enough at night? If you do not , then it's time. Sleep is essential for a healthy body and a healthy T-level. The reason: Testosterone is released at night and too little sleep is stress for the body. Stress, or more precisely the stress hormone cortisol, is an antidote to testosterone. That means: If you sleep too little, your body spills out cortisol. Cortisol blocks testosterone production in the testes.

So go to bed early enough if you have to get up early. Be well rested. 10 hours of sleep are not necessary. If I remember rightly, 7-9 hours are appropriate. Try to stay in this area.

Regular sex increases testosterone levels

Yes, it is true: In the short term sex lowers the testosterone level in the blood - but only for a short time. In the long term, it will even increase. It is particularly important that you take enough zinc, because during sex you lose a lot. Otherwise, sex increases testosterone levels in the long term.


But beware: masturbation does exactly the opposite! More about that right now.

When asked how long the increasing effect persists, one is not agreed: 1-3 days is there talk. Maybe there is still one or the other study - but until then: continue!



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Home Remedies For Sexual Performance

All men are wishing to maintain sexual activity in bed during the night time , they are looking for the best and fastest home remedies to enhance their sexual performance. This is also including treating existing sexual problems or searching for new ways to keep your partner happier and the relationship safe.

There are male enhancement pills (click here which is the best male pills) on the market, but you can solve simply staying firmer and last longer without visiting doctor or pharmacy .

Remember that your penis does on blood pressure. This is the key of sexual performance:what’s good for your heart is good for your sexual health.

Now read to figure out easy ways to improve your sexual performance at home

  1. Stay active

One of the best important things to your health is cardio workout. Exercising regularly can help your sexual performance by increasing your heart in shape. Do exercises thirty minutes a day until you get sweat, like running and swimming, these activities will boost your libido.


  1. Eat these fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are natural sexual performance treatment for men. The more you eat vegetables and fruits the more the foods can help you increase blood flow for having better sex..

onions and garlic: These foods are known as improving blood circulation.

bananas: A banan is very rich in potassium-rich fruit which can help set your blood pressure well, which can provide a better circulation to your penis and boost sexual performance.

chilies and peppers: Spicy foods will help your blood flow by reducing hypertension and inflammation.

  1. Reduce stress

Stress the is number one eneymy of your libido. Stress causes your heart rate (on the bad side) and this increases blood pressure. So stress related to heart rate are damaging to sexual desire and performance. Psychological stress will also impact achieving an erection or reaching an orgasm deeply -Prolargentsize best sexual performance pills present you amazing stamina and energy-. Exercise is a better way to eleminate stress and keep your health in balance.


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Vitaminas Para Aumentar El Libido En El Hombre


¿Sientes que tu deseo sexual ha abandonado tu vida en los últimos meses? ¿Recuerdas la última vez que sentiste realmente tu libido bombeando junto con los latidos de tu corazón? Tal vez te sientas demasiado avergonzado de hablar con alguien sobre eso, pero al mismo tiempo, te sientes demasiado preocupado como para callarte. Y el estilo de vida también puede jugar un papel importante. Cosas como fumar, beber en exceso y consumir drogas recreativas en realidad pueden causar una pérdida de la libido a pesar de que las creencias de algunas personas indiquen lo contrario.

Aumente Su Libido Al Equilibrar Sus Hormonas Naturalmente Primero

Si bien consideramos que alterar el nivel de su libido con suplementos naturales es un proceso natural, antes de entrar en los suplementos específicos que puede usar para aumentar su impulso sexual, creemos que es imperativo analizar primero algunos factores clave del estilo de vida.

En muchos casos, simplemente hacer los siguientes cinco consejos equilibrará sus hormonas en la medida en que su impulso sexual regrese en línea / se incremente de forma natural y no tendrá que suplementar en absoluto. Pero si has estado haciendo las siguientes cinco cosas y no te has dado cuenta de que hay un repunte, entonces te animo a que incorpores los factores del estilo de vida y te metas con la suplementación también. Vamos a entrar en eso.


Duerma bien

El sueño regular y de calidad es esencial para un cuerpo, mente y libido felices.

Dé prioridad a su sueño durmiendo en una habitación ligeramente fresca, a la misma hora cada noche, con la menor cantidad de luz posible en la habitación.

Relájese unas horas antes de acostarse, limite los tiempos de pantalla y compre cortinas opacas para su habitación si es necesario.

Obtener de 8 a 9 horas de sueño es de suma importancia cuando se trata de aumentar su libido / impulso sexual porque su testosterona solo se produce durante la noche.

Prolargentsize Vitaminas Para Aumentar El Libido En El Hombre

Comer limpio

comer sano para la libido

Coma una dieta basada principalmente en plantas. Beber mucha agua. No coma demasiado azúcar refinada / harina blanca / mierda, o alimentos excesivamente procesados. Beba batidos verdes. Consumir un polvo de verduras de alta calidad todos los días.

Para aumentar la producción de libido, especialmente desea asegurarse de consumir una gran cantidad de grasas saludables (aguacates, nueces, almendras, aceite de coco, etc.) y alimentos ricos en vitaminas B y D (pescado, huevos, queso) , vitamina C (naranjas, pimientos, col rizada, fresas) y zinc (espinacas, camarones, semillas de lino, frijoles)

Reduce el estres

Nuestros cuerpos son sabios. Cuando estás estresado, una de las primeras cosas que recibe un golpe es tu impulso sexual. Así es ... los altos niveles de estrés son un importante impulsor de los bajos niveles de libido.

Es como si, evolutivamente, tu cuerpo supiera que no estás en la mejor posición para criar a tus hijos cuando te sientes abrumado por la vida.


Prolargentsize producto de píldora de refuerzo de la libido a base de hierbas que puede ayudarle a obtener un impulso sexual bien merecido. El producto te dará un impulso de deseo sexual. La píldora libido Prolargentsize se enfoca principalmente en aumentar el flujo sanguíneo y el oxígeno al pene. Este es el factor más importante que contribuye a una erección de calidad y buen sexo. Los ingredientes en Prolargentsize son confiables para aumentar el óxido nítrico y este producto maximizará la capacidad de su pene para crecer hasta su tamaño máximo, permanecer en su tamaño máximo durante más tiempo y aumentar su sensibilidad al placer.


Los beneficios de ProlargentSize Herbal Capsules

Hay varios beneficios asociados con el uso de este producto. Éstas incluyen:

Ayuda a mejorar la circulación de la sangre

Le da un impulso en la calidad de las erecciones que obtiene

Ayuda a aumentar los niveles de libido en los hombres

Se ha demostrado que Prolargentsize te ayuda a obtener músculos de mejor calidad, ya que aumenta el nivel de libido.

Los clientes de Prolargentsize informan orgasmos de mejor calidad al usar este producto

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infertilité masculine traitement naturel

Augmentation du nombre de spermatozoïdes faibles et amélioration de la fertilité masculine

Les problèmes de conception deviennent de plus en plus fréquents chez les couples d'aujourd'hui. Lisez la suite pour trouver des moyens de stimuler la fertilité masculine et d'augmenter le nombre de spermatozoïdes naturellement, et de comprendre les facteurs de vie qui peuvent influer sur la fertilité masculine.

Dans cet article, nous allons discuter des différentes causes de faible numération des spermatozoïdes, l'alimentation et les nutriments nécessaires pour la fertilité masculine en bonne santé, différentes herbes couramment utilisés pour la fertilité masculine et la santé du sperme, et les remèdes naturels.

Meilleur traitement de l'infertilité à la maison cliquez ici

  1. améliorer le nombre de spermatozoïdes

Le nombre moyen de spermatozoïdes est compris entre 120 et 350 millions par centimètre cube. Un faible nombre de spermatozoïdes est inférieur à 40 millions par centimètre cube. Le faible nombre de spermatozoïdes ou la motilité médiocre du sperme peuvent être dus à des toxines environnementales telles que les produits chimiques, les radiations, les drogues, l'exposition aux métaux lourds, le tabagisme, la consommation excessive d'alcool, la consommation de drogues de rue et la pollution.

La chaleur peut aussi réduire la production de sperme. Les bains chauds, se reposant pendant de longues périodes et les sous-vêtements serrés qui limitent les testicules peuvent tous élever des températures assez longtemps pour supprimer la production de sperme.

sperme masculin

  1. Réduire l'exposition aux produits chimiques

Évitez les contenants en plastique pour le stockage des aliments, les bouteilles en plastique, les emballages et les ustensiles.

Utilisez des produits de papier de bureau blanchis sans chlore.

N'utiliser que des filtres à café, du papier, des serviettes et du papier hygiénique non blanchis pour réduire l'exposition aux dioxines.

Évitez l’eau du robinet chlorée, l’eau de javel et les autres produits chlorés; utiliser du peroxyde d'hydrogène comme alternative.

Mangez des aliments biologiques autant que possible pour éviter les pesticides et les herbicides.

Évitez les déodorants synthétiques et les cosmétiques; n'utilisez que des produits biologiques autant que possible.

Évitez les produits animaux à haute teneur en matières grasses qui contiennent des hormones, en particulier le lait et les produits laitiers conventionnels, le poulet, le bœuf et le porc.

Évitez l'alcool et la caféine.

Évitez les formes de cuisson frites, grillées au charbon de bois ou au barbecue.

Mangez beaucoup d'aliments riches en antioxydants (carotènes, vitamines A, C, E et sélénium) comme les légumes à feuilles vertes, le chou frisé, les carottes, les agrumes, le brocoli, le chou-fleur et les ignames.


  1. Améliorer le régime alimentaire

Obtenir beaucoup de fruits frais, de légumes, de grains entiers et de légumineuses peut aider à augmenter la fertilité. Évitez également le tabac, les glucides raffinés, le café, le thé, l'alcool et les aliments contenant des additifs artificiels.

Maintenez votre poids idéal. La privation de nourriture chez les hommes entraîne une perte de libido et des modifications structurelles des tissus reproducteurs conduisant à la stérilité.

L'obésité, en revanche, peut être associée à une faible numération des spermatozoïdes et à une impuissance, probablement en raison des températures plus élevées causées par un excès de graisse à proximité des testicules.


  1. exercice régulier

Selon les études éprouvées, l'exercice régulier (cinq fois par semaine pendant au moins 45 minutes) et une alimentation saine améliorent la fertilité en gardant le poids corporel à des niveaux normaux et soulageant le stress et l'anxiété.

Des quantités excessives d'exercice (course de Marathon et formation connexe) peuvent être une cause de l'infertilité parce qu'elle peut conduire à l'aménorrhée (absence de menstruation) chez les femmes et à un nombre abaissé de spermatozoïdes chez les hommes.

Si vous n'êtes pas sûr quel type d'exercice est le meilleur pour vous, obtenez-vous un entraîneur personnel. Il ou elle peut vous donner un programme d'exercice pour apporter vos niveaux de poids et de forme physique dans la gamme idéale.

  1. Essayez des plantes médicinales pour stimuler la fertilité masculine

    supplément pour la fertilité

Les herbes énumérées ci-dessous peuvent être efficaces pour améliorer les érections, le désir sexuel, le flux sanguin vers les organes sexuels et la santé sexuelle générale sans effets secondaires.

panax ginseng

baie de palmier nain

muira puama

extrait de ginkgo biloba

rhodiola rosea

noix de muscade

Horny Goat Weed

bois de wapiti

Tribulus terrestris

Comme la formation des spermatozoïdes prend près de trois mois, il faudra au moins autant de temps avant de bénéficier des avantages d'un programme de supplémentation en nutriments.

ProlargentSize Best Infertilité Masculine Traitement Naturel Pilule

supplément de prolargentsize pour la fertilité

Le moyen le plus rapide et naturel d'augmenter le nombre de spermatozoïdes mâles est d'utiliser le suplement. Des études ont montré que le nombre de spermatozoïdes est plus élevé que ceux qui ne l'utilisent pas chez les hommes qui utilisent un supplément. Avec les pilules Prolargentsize qui fournissent une production de sperme naturelle et de haute qualité, vous pouvez résoudre le problème des spermatozoïdes en peu de temps. Parce que les prolargents se composent entièrement d'ingrédients naturels et à base de plantes, il aide à former des spermatozoïdes dans les testicules. Il améliore la qualité et le nombre de spermatozoïdes. Il fournit une solution naturelle pour les hommes pour une reproduction saine. Prolargentsize pilules réagissent aux testicules dans un court laps de temps renforce l'homme pénis fait prêt pour des rapports sexuels tels sperme sain en relation. Amenez votre bébé à rêver avec des pilules Prolargentsize qui fournissent le remplissage de sperme nécessaire pour fertiliser la femme.


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