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Billy A. USA

 I've about finished my first bottle and have placed a re-order. I am noticing positive results from taking prolargentsize - firmer, longer lasting erections. I was not expecting "immediate" results but with continuing to take this product I'm confident that "lasting" benefits will occur.

Jim S. Gallardo Canada

Increased stamina by alot and I have been told I'm bigger and harder. Couldn't be more happy with the results sit far.

George B. USA

Longer and Harder after 6 weeks! LOVE this stuff!

Andro E. Philippines

I have gotten so big my girlfriend barely handle it. These REALLY work.

Mr. Hazlihan Malaysia

So happy with results! This product has changed my life.

Arthur A. UK.

Back for my third bottle! 2 inches so far!!

Paul O. Australia

My girlfriend loves this stuff and so do I. if you are looking to satisfy your women, then go no further than this product. Give it a try and you will be writing reviews next, I promise you. Great stuff, overall, simply the best I have tried on the market.

Huan Cheng Z. Singapore

I was always on the move with little. Sleep and I used this product and it gave me the boost I needed.

David S. Kenya

This is a good product. It is inexpensive and has good ingredients. It is very fairly priced. I have dealt with this company before and I like dealing with them.

Aadel A. United Arab Emirates

Probably going to be a repeat customer.... would definitely recommend ProlargentSize if you're looking to thicken up a bit.

Nicolas R. Italy

Does size matter? Do women care? Who knows! My girlfriend says it doesn't matter and I think I believed her, but I tried this product anyway. Two months in and it seems to be working great. I have noticed a difference, and my girlfriend mentioned the difference just the other night. I truly haven't measured or anything like that, but it does seem to have worked, and I have only been using for two months. I haven't experienced any side effects and am completely satisfied with the product. If I wasn't embarrassed to tell my friends I was using this type of product, I would recommend this one to all of them!

Abhijit K. India.

Works perfectly, definitely worth the price. It was an amazing product I'm seeing results and it works. I would highly recommend this to other customers.

James H. USA

I was looking for something that could help me get erections when I needed them. Sometimes after a few drinks I found that things weren't 'working' quite like before. ProlargentSize changed all that, and now my erections are like steel!

Edison R. Canada

I'm very grateful to ProlargentSize for bringing such miraculous changes to my life. I have gained two inches during the 5 months' intake and become more passionate and sexually confident. Thank you!

Steve K. Canada

After searching for weeks I decided to take the plunge and try a penis enlargement product. ProlargentSize was the obvious choice and I wasn't disappointed. It's been 3 months and I've added well over an inch and a half...

Jonathan C. USA

This treatment totally changed my life. Before I had a small penis, which made me feel ashamed and I lacked confidence in myself. Women partners were disappointed after sexual contact and avoided me. Thanks to you I have a large penis to be proud of and satisfied women partners. I can't thank you enough!